It has been proven that in a forever changing world of interior design, trends come and go, but one of the timeless movements that is here to stay is industrial style furniture. Manifesting its exposed and rustic features, industrial furniture gives homes an urban but chic element as well as being a long-lasting, robust piece of furniture. 

In this blog post, we will look into why buying rustic industrial furniture is a good investment and a must have for any home.

Characteristics of Industrial Style Furniture

Raw materials: One of the key features of industrial furniture is the use of natural materials such as wood and metal. These materials can be used to give a rough and ready feel to the pieces and make it look more homely. 

Metal Accents: Steel is used for the metal legs which again adds to the industrial feel of the furniture and these can be painted black or left natural to enhance its edgy appearance. 

Minimalistic: We believe one of the main selling points of industrial furniture is the simplistic nature of the furniture which makes this style suitable for any kind of decor. The longevity of the piece is more important than fancy designs and this ensures your purchase will last for years to come! 

Industrial furniture can be injected into almost every room in your house.

A dining room table with a matching bench will ensure it is the focal point of your downstairs and allow yourself and guests to enjoy countless events and dinner parties. Adding metal chairs to match the metal legs is also a good way to tie the industrial design element together. 

A rustic coffee table could be the centre of attention in your living room, paired with minimalistic decor. Wooden shelving units also encourage a vintage feel whilst providing storage. 

Our industrial tables don’t only have to be for dining but can also be used as office desks or side cabinets to inject character and personality into your working space!

A modern industrial interior isn’t only limited to homes but can also be popular in commercial spaces. Restaurants, bars, cafes and other environments can also create a captivating space by choosing an industrial aesthetic. 

The conclusion is that industrial furniture is not just a trend. It is so much more than that and continues wow people with its timeless charm. Whatever your next project or furniture purchase may be, consider introducing vintage industrial furniture in to your space. These life lasting pieces are guaranteed to standout from the rest.